What Types Of Dental Crowns Are Available In Weston?

A dental crown is a dental “cover” that is placed over a tooth – it covers the tooth, restores its shape and size, restores its strength, and improves its appearance. When a dental crown is placed, it will completely cover the part of the tooth that is visible above and above the gum line.

Permanent crowns can be made of stainless steel, all-metal (such as gold or other alloys), metal fused porcelain, all resin, or all ceramic. You can also contact a reliable dentist for dental restoration via dental crowns in Weston MA, Wellesley MA to make your teeth presentable.

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Stainless steel crowns:

Stainless steel crowns are prefabricated crowns that are primarily used as a temporary measure for permanent teeth. Crowns protect teeth or fillings, whereas permanent crowns are made of a different material. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth and prevent further decay. When the main teeth come out to make room for the permanent teeth, the crowns of the teeth come out naturally. 

Steel Porcelain Crown:

A steel porcelain crown can match the color of your neighbor's teeth. However, with this type of crown, there is greater wear and tear on the opposite tooth compared to metal or resin crowns. Porcelain crowns may also crack or break. Apart from crowns made entirely of ceramic, melted porcelain crowns will likely look like regular teeth. This crown can be a good choice for front or back teeth, as well as long bridges where metal is needed for strength.

Ceramic or all-porcelain crowns:

Ceramic or all-porcelain crowns provide a natural color that is more suitable than other types of crowns and may be more appropriate for people with metal sensitivities. Ceramic crowns are also able to be used for both front and rear teeth.

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