What is Post Surgical Drain Used For?

Drain is a common medical device used to remove excess fluid from the body. A drain can be placed under the skin, in a body cavity, or in an organ. The most common type of drain is the subcutaneous drain, which is placed under the skin. This type of drain is often used after surgery to remove excess fluid from the area around the incision.

Most people have never heard of a post-surgery drain, but if you've ever had surgery, there's a good chance you have had one. A post-surgical drain is a small tube that is inserted into the body during surgery to help remove fluid from the surgical site. The tube is connected to a drainage bag that is worn outside of the body. The bag collects the fluid as it drains from the surgical site.

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The use of a post-surgery drain is common after surgeries such as a mastectomy (breast cancer surgery), hernia surgery, or abdominal surgery. The drain helps to prevent infection by removing fluid from the surgical site. It also helps to reduce swelling and pain after surgery.

Post-surgery drains are usually removed within a week or two after surgery. The surgeon will determine when the drain can be removed based on the amount of drainage and healing that has occurred.

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