What is a Mortgage Advisor?

Just as a broker can help you find the best business, finance, etc., so a mortgage advisor can help you find the best option for you. He can also help you with the application process and provide a great service to any home buyer. You can look for trusted Mortgage Advisors via Mortgage 1st.

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The main difference between a mortgage advisor and a broker is the education and expertise required for each job.

In addition to the advice your mortgage advisor can offer you when buying a home, they can also offer you:

  • Different mortgage options to choose from
  • Tips on mortgage protection, repayment, refinancing, etc.
  • Offers home insurance along with a mortgage

A mortgage advisor can discuss so many different aspects of finances with you, but he doesn't have to attend specialist training nor does he need any prior professional qualifications.

This is another aspect that sets them apart from mortgage brokers. You will need to have some basic training, but this applies to a lot more service and customer relations.

The path to becoming a consultant is very simple – you usually start at a bank as a customer advisor or as an administrative function in a financial services company. If you choose a more dedicated mortgage advisor path, additional training will apply.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering using a mortgage advisor is whether or not they will be completely unbiased. However, if you hire a real estate agent to sell your property or a mortgage broker, you will have more choices and a much wider choice of financial firms.

This is definitely something to keep in mind when working with a financial advisor and you will ensure that you get the right mortgage and advice for you in the end.

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