What Do Auto Electrical Suppliers Stock?

Most people think of cars as being purely mechanical machines that run on petrol because after all, you don't have to recharge your battery when you go to get petrol, do you?

The fact is that thanks to some snazzy physics, your car is massively reliant on electricity for everything from the spark plugs that keep your engine running down to the light that lets you find your keys when you open your door.

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People who didn't know this though may have wondered what it is that auto electrical shops stock aside from batteries. Here is a quick run-through of what you can find on all their other shelves.


Some of the most important things you will find on their shelves are things that you will need in order for your car to pass its MOT. This is a national test of safety that your car must pass in order to legally go on public roads. It aims to prevent any old rust heap from taking to your streets and causing a crash.

Important electrical items for this test will include all kinds of bulbs for your main headlights, your brake lights, and your indicators. Without these, you would fail the test. You will also fail if your horn is not working, if your windscreen wipers don't work and if your instrument panel is not accurate. Most car electronics suppliers will have these in stock and will often be able to help you fit them too.


Although they are not directly part of your MOT test, not having something like a working Volvo alternator will mean that your car may not turn on. This is the device that gathers energy from your wheels as they turn and converts it into electrical energy that charges your battery. Your battery runs all your other equipment and will eventually run out if your alternator is not working properly to keep your battery topped up.

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