What are the Basic Wine Tasting Tips?

Have you ever thought about spending a day or weekend in wine country? If you've thought about it, here are some beginner tips to get your best experience. A trip to the local vineyards is a great way to relax and unwind. If you learn the basics to enjoy the endless variety of wines, you will definitely come back.

The main purpose of tasting is to find out which wines you really like and which don't suit you. You can consider the high-tech sommelier study if you want to become a professional sommelier to taste different types of wines. There's really no right or wrong with wine, so I want to emphasize this point so that you start with a fresh and clean conscience. Now for the basic tips to help you find the perfect wine on your journey!

Tip #1

"wine glass"

You should always start with a clean, clear glass of wine. Make sure it's a real wine glass, not a champagne glass or something. You can easily tell one wine glass from another by noticing that it is curved inward. This is to prevent you from spilling when you change the wine. Another important point is that it helps to concentrate the beautiful scent right on the nose.

Tip 2


Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seen someone grab a glass of wine to watch it? Believe it or not, this is an important step as it gives you an idea of the age of the wine. Keep the glass on a light or white background. Typically, young whites range from pale yellow to a heavier yellow. They become darker with a golden brown tint with age. 

Tip #3


The main principle behind the rotation of the wine is to allow it to breathe or ventilate so that it emits a beautiful aroma. Hold your cup by the stem and twist it several times in a circular motion. You can leave the cup on the table or hold it in your hand as you wish.

Tip #4


Most people start experimenting from the comfort of their own homes. First, pour some wine into your glass; one inch at most. In general, when you have a large selection of wines, it is better to start with the lightest wines (white) and then move on to the darker wines (red). This is where it's important to keep your taste buds fresh and sensitive, so it's best to be consistent and gradual with the wine range. 

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