What are the 4 Steps of Wine Tasting ?

Most of us taste and drink wine. Have you ever wondered what the real wine tasted? What's the difference between drinking and tasting? Why do people spin, sniff, and sip? What are they looking for? Don't worry, when it comes to learning about wine tasting, you have come to the right place.

The main difference between tasting and drinking wine is that tasting is active while drinking passively. However, this does not mean that tasting needs stiff or formal. The only reason you do it actively is to memorize sensory, which is actually something you have done every day. For example, think about the food you love. Now choose food that you don't have to love.

The reason you can instantly consider two things without them in front of you is because of sensory memory. With wine, you do the same thing, you taste to build a mental database of what you like and why. You can consider the top wine tasting certificate if you want to become a wine expert and you love to taste different types of wine.

There are four steps for wine tasting: vision, smell, taste, and assessment.

Step One: Sight

  •  Obviously or cloudy will notify you if filtered or not
  •  More Ruby usually means more acidity, more garnet means less
  •  The more wine loses the color to the older rim usually
  •  Feet tell you about viscosity or wine thickness, not quality

Step number two: smell

  • Is the wine clear? Wine "Cork" usually smells of wet cardboard or attic
  • Certain aromas are usually associated with certain wines, such as Cassis with Cabernet Sauvignon and Lychee with Gewürztraminer
  • What do you smell?

Step number three: taste

  • The sweetness is the clearest – sugar
  • The source is felt on the backy cheek like sucking a lemon
  • Bitterness remains quite constant through taste
  • Tannin dries in the lips
  • The body and viscosity are mostly tied to sugar and alcohol
  • Finished – How long does the wine survive?

Step number four: Assessment

  • Do you like it?
  • Why? Why not?

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