Ways to Easily Study And Understand The Bible

The Holy Bible comprises 39 old testament and 27 new testament books. So, where do you begin? It is easy to get overwhelmed because the Bible is not just paper and ink, but the living word of God.

The beauty of a Bible study is the abundance of help to guide you in finding the answers you seek. Some ways mentioned below can help you with studying the Bible.

  • For the Bible student who is seeking a deeper understanding, a Greek and Hebrew word study is included.
  • Charts – A good public speaker or teacher uses charts to organize information into a form that is easy to understand quickly. The NLT Study Bible contains a multitude of charts, graphs, maps, visual aids, illustrations, timelines, and diagrams to aid understanding. You can also get an amazing bible timeline with world history at a very affordable price via online sources. 

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  • Examples from the lives of people around you — You have known people you have admired who have been role models, and people whose lifestyles you want to avoid and all cost. The character sketches within the NLT Study Bible compile information about prominent Biblical Characters which describe each individual’s strengths and weaknesses which led to their success or failure and provide references to the most important verses about them for your study. 
  • Cliff Notes – Just like in your literature classes, each book of the NLT Study Bible begins with a complete introduction that points out all the main points that you wouldn't want to miss. 

This thorough overview will guide your study and assure that you don't miss the big picture.


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