Various Types Of Misting Systems

The fogging system creates an excellent fog or mist effect. It is a combination of pumps and a set of mist nozzles connected by pipes and a pressurized system to deliver a fine mist or mist with a small water droplet size between 5 and 50 microns.

The mist system works by evaporative cooling and works well in dry weather conditions. However, it works mostly in wet weather and can reduce dust, odors, static electricity, and flying insects such as mosquitoes. It even helps regulate and maintain humidity in plants, greenhouses, homes, atriums, patios, patios, hotel restaurants, and more. You can also buy a mist pump system from

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Low-pressure mist system:

The low-pressure mist system is almost like a sprayer with a droplet size of more than 50 microns. This is a simple and inexpensive system because the operating pressure is in the range of 10 bar. A low-pressure spray will cool a small area, but the water particles will deeply wet the area. 

Medium pressure mist system:

The medium pressure mist system increases the pressure to 20 to 35 bar via the motor pump. The spray is good enough to cool you down in hot, dry weather, tends not to get wet, and can provide more cooling than a low-pressure system.

High-pressure mist system:

The high-pressure mist system ensures maximum cooling of all available mist systems, as it also works in high humidity areas with higher pressures above 35 bar without getting wet. Mist systems above 35 bar are known as high-pressure fog systems and maximum efficiency can be achieved at 55-80 bar. As with all mist systems, all components must be designed to operate within the same water pressure range.

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