Valve Marking:What are your Options?

Valve marking is an essential element of your pipe security. Valve marking allows users and visitors to determine the valves that are connected to particular pipes. This is essential when a pipe is experiencing an issue or is being repaired, or has to be cleaned as such.

There are a variety of products you can choose from for marking valves. One of the most effective options is a tag made of steel. Steel Metal valve tags are strong which makes them a perfect method to mark pipes and other equipment in tough conditions. If you want to see more variety of valves then click on the valve.

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Aluminium tags are strong and durable enough for repeated use. The tags aren’t prone to bend and won’t rust even if damaged. They can also stand up to temperatures as high as 1500degrees F. Also, if you’d like to colour-code your valves, a few businesses sell aluminium tags with colour codes that are precisely engraved to ensure that the message isn’t ruined.


Brass tags are an affordable option for marking valves. Like aluminium tags, brass tags won’t be able to bend or break. However, they are able to endure temperatures up to 1200 degrees F.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel tags are rust-proof and are able to withstand extreme corrosive environments as well as extremely harsh weather conditions. Tags made of stainless steel are able to withstand temperatures of 2700 degrees F.

Plastic bags can also be an option to consider to mark valves. Plastic bags are an economical and user-friendly alternative for machine and valve marking. In contrast to metal tags, plastic valve tags give you the option of writing right on them instead of investing in engraving.