Urban Futsal – About Futsal and its Required Equipment in the Field

As the winter continues, there is an increase in the number of people who will hang up their football or urban futsal boots during the cold and settle in a relaxing few months of home comforts; however, this is the opposite of what we should do be encouraging.

January is the best time to practice your skills and enjoy those indoor sports that often get overlooked during the warm summer months. Most people have never even heard of Futsal, but lately, it is becoming an increasingly popular sport, which could be down to many extra fun and exciting factors.

  • What is Futsal?

Futsal is an indoor game that is highly similar to football yet does have a few critical yet subtle differences.

  • Five a side game

First of all, it is a five-a-side game, including the goalkeeper. Therefore, due to the number of players on the court at one time, this game is less about teamwork and formations and more about the individual player’s skill set.

  • A required good amount of skills

This game requires extreme skill, making it the perfect match for aspiring footballers to play over the winter. Practicing your ball skills will enhance you as a player, and these newfound skills can be transferred into your football games played over the warmer months.

  • They played with a size four-ball.

Part of what makes this game rely on ball skills is the size of the ball. A size four ball that is smaller than the traditional football. It is more challenging, too, making it more difficult to kick up the pitch, thus meaning there are more dribbling and ball control skills involved.

  • No specialist marking required

Futsal is one of those games suitable for everyone, especially when it comes to bringing your games inside at schools or sports centers. The game was developed to be played on a basketball court and not require any markings. This means that futsal can be played professionally almost anywhere, making it both fun and versatile.

  • Difference between futsal and football

The critical difference between futsal & football is the pace of play. Futsal is a much faster game with only 20 minutes of playtime in either half. This fast-paced game keeps players on their toes and gives no time for time wasters! Not only are there free kicks given away to those who appear to be taking too long to move with the ball, but the goalkeeper is also penalized for having the ball for more than four seconds.

  • Equipment required
  • A size four Futsal Ball is required.

Futsal is one of those games that don’t require much specialist equipment, especially regarding the play surrounding. However, as already stated, futsal does use the various ball, and therefore a size four Futsal Ball is needed.

With the popularity of futsal growing, these smaller, another piece of equipment needed is more rigid balls can be purchased from many established sports equipment suppliers.

  • Futsal Goal

These are smaller than the standard football goal and usually look pretty similar to a hockey goal. However, these are a great purchase as they can be used year-round, no matter the weather, and will ensure that players have the proper equipment to enjoy a great game.

If you’re a venue or player looking to get involved in urban futsal, check out Stadia Sports and explore their range of futsal equipment.

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