Tricks for How To Panna in Soccer in the Field

How to Panna in soccer – Football is a sport with very high popularity. No wonder so many people come in droves to see their flagship team. When someone plays soccer, of course, they will use various soccer kick tricks so they can dribble or score goals well; through this agenda slot online, you will find it easier to score different results against your opponent’s goal.

If you have mastered various qualified playing techniques, it will undoubtedly be easier to do soccer kick tricks that can be used at any time. Here, we will discuss different kicks and few basic things about soccer.

Amazing things about Soccer Game

  • Barely need any equipment

The big plus soccer has over other sports is that you barely need any equipment to play the game. If you have a ball and two goals, which can be trees if you want, and shoes, then you can play the game. In some parts of the world where such equipment is not available, kids will make their ball, play barefoot, and use rocks to mark off goals.

  • Can’t touch the ball with hands

The first thing kids learn when figuring out how to play soccer is that you can’t touch the ball with your hands. The great thing is you can use your feet, knees, chest, or head to control the ball.

  • Only Goalkeeper touches the ball with their hands

The only player on the soccer team allowed to touch the ball is the person who guards the goal, or the goalkeeper, but they can only use their hands inside the penalty box.

The point of the game is to pass the ball down the field and get the ball past the goalkeeper into the goal without using your hands. Each plan is worth one point, no matter how or where it is scored from.

It is essential to know that these below various tricks will make it easier for you. What are some famous tricks?

Some Famous kicks

To be able to do this one trick, players must have excellent acceleration ability. The key to this technique is to change the ball’s direction using a unique technique, and it has to be very fast. Therefore your opponent cannot catch the ball.

  • Cruyff Turn kicks in Soccer

Johan Cruyff is the one who claims to be the creator of this type of soccer kick trick. This legend first demonstrated this technique at the 1974 World Cup. And Cruyff’s turn is still widely used by professional soccer players. In this online slot agent, this trick is the most famous.

  • Rainbow Flick in Soccer

This trick has many terms: Rainbow Kick, Reverse Flick-Over, Caretilha, Lambretta, Ardiles Flick, Arco Iris, and Coup de Sombrero. When completed successfully, this technique is impressive.

It is not clear who invented the soccer kick trick, but it is believed that Jay-Jay Okocha was the first player to use this type of trick in official play.

  • Panna’s Backheel Kick Tricks

The ball can be passed through the gap between the opponent’s legs (Panna or Nutmeg). However, Panna Backheel needed a higher skill.

Juan Roman Riquelme chose this trick while he was with Boca Juniors. Not long ago, Cristiano Ronaldo also used this one soccer kick trick in a match against Northern Ireland.

  • Rabona’s kick

The Rabona is an old soccer kick trick. Ricardo Infante used this trick while defending Estudiantes in the 1940’s.

These are some famous kicks and few basic things about soccer. Hopefully, for this article, now it is clear about how to Panna in soccer.

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