Tips And Ideas To Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking develops as a coping mechanism in young children. Like pacifiers, children often suck their thumbs to soothe themselves. While this natural habit can be helpful in early childhood and toddlers, if it persists for too long it can cause serious problems with your child's dental development. You can also visit to get the best ideas about how to stop thumb sucking.

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Here are some ways to prevent your child from the habit of thumb sucking:

1) Distraction

Keep your child's thumb occupied or busy. When you see your kid's hand pointing at their mouth, divert them with something to occupy their hand.

2) Talk to your child

When your child is at an age where thumb sucking can damage their teeth (three years old), they are old enough to understand. Stand your child in front of a mirror and explain how thumb sucking can damage their teeth, show images of the harm that thumb sucking can create, and also let your child's dentist discuss any issues with your child. Sometimes hearing from others is more effective.

3) Always be positive

Don't scold your child for thumb sucking. Encourage your kid and use positive support. Remember to find opportunities to praise your child, for example when they handle new or stressful circumstances without sucking their thumb.

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