The online print revolution and how it is bringing the change?

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The eCommerce boom between 1998 and 2000 presented a unique opportunity to provide their services through the Internet-based system. The digital print technology advancement in the early 21st century has created better improvements in the quality and speed of service. It has led to an online revolution in printers moving the services to the web.

What the print revolution looks like?

Commercial Printer Brisbane says that web-to-print is likely to make a mark on the industry. They stipulate that more than ¾ of the companies polled said they do not offer clients web-to-print. The main adaption remains among digital printers and large print and prepress companies. It shows how large, forward-thinking companies have spotted opportunities that opened in the market and have realized the importance of offering an extra dimension to their service.

The 43% of digital printers to this medium indicate advanced technology, which has allowed the move of printers the Internet advanced content management system to work well with the digital print industry, which has improved the quality of service through the web.

This, supported with improved online proofing, has allowed the cost of printing to be diminished mainly through a web application which gives better adults and publishing the price of print even lower to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for low-cost print.

Even though a large audience has adopted this, the use of web technology has allowed customer account management to be highly automated and gives printers the opportunity to cut down on the numbers of personal account managers they need to employ by giving the customer a more active role in the own account management. 

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