The Health Benefits of Black Tea

Although the field of tea research remains young, most of the research has been focused on green tea. However, scientists have begun to investigate the health benefits of black tea. The fermentation process is what makes black tea different from green tea. The fermentation process transforms antioxidants into other compounds. This provides different health benefits, but not less than green tea.

The Netherlands conducted research on 552 men to determine the health benefits of certain flavonoids. 70% of the flavonoids were found in black tea. The flavonoids were found to reduce LDL cholesterol which is believed to be the main cause of strokes and heart attacks. You can consider buying black tea from

Organic black tea

Further research showed that men who consumed four cups of tea per day were at a lower risk for heart attack and stroke than men who only consumed two to three cups.

Black tea has an antioxidant called TF-2 that extends its health benefits to the fight and prevention of cancer. Research has shown that TF-2 can be used to kill cancerous cells and leave healthy cells alone. These results are certainly intriguing but scientists caution that more research is required to confirm them. 

This could explain why people who drink a lot of this beverage have lower rates than others.

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