The Cannabis Curing Process

Curing brings out profiles of taste of marijuana tensions, results in higher potential, and affects the smoothness of the smoke. However, the longer you cure marijuana shoots, the more likely the moisture will build up, and the mold will grow. 

Fortunately, there are several preventive measures that you can take to reduce the possibility of moldy marijuana! You can also search online for the best cannabis greenhouse automation.

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1. It is very important that you fully trim your plants and remove all seeds that come from marijuana shoots before curing. Each extra moisture remaining in a trimmable piece will affect the humidity of the curing jar or airtight the container.

2. Belching is a way to save money to set the relative humidity container healing you. Belching is the process of releasing the moist plane from a curing bottle or airtight container just by opening them for a few minutes. 

You must do this between two and four times a day at the initial stage of the marijuana healing process. Then in the process, you can do this more rarely. 

The only catch is that opening containers leads to potentially letting in the air with relatively higher humidity than the air already in the container.

3. The two-way implementers of the regulator moisture package are another excellent way to keep the mold in the bay. They eliminate the need to belch and the level of moisture control by pulling out the moisture of your cure container and shooting marijuana inside. 

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