The Advantages Of CBD For Cats

The evidence shows that this cannabinoid may have beneficial effects on certain conditions, such as… 

Joint discomfort and general discomfort –– Believe it or not, there is often an underlying cause of many health problems. According to scientific professionals, though, CBD is known to support a healthy inflammatory response. So if you see signs that your cat needs some extra support, CBD hemp oil for cats could be worth a try. 

Anxious behaviors and stress  ––This is great news for cats who struggle with anxious behaviors, especially when left alone. It’s also great for those rambunctious kittens who seem to only want to party at night.

What’s the best way to give CBD to my cat?

Some owners find that adding a couple of drops of CBD oil to their cat’s waterworks is great, while others find that mixing it into their food works even better. You know your cat best, so try what you think will work for them. If mixing it in food or water doesn’t get the job done, we have a few more tricks that might work wonders…

Take a few drops of our full-spectrum hemp oil and apply it to their paw. Since cats are notorious for grooming themselves, the first thing they may do is lick that oil right up. Or you could add a few drops to their favorite treats.

How much CBD oil should I give to my cat?

Dosing CBD is usually determined by body weight, and reputable CBD companies will always have dosing instructions and recommendations written on the label of their products. This is because each CBD company formulates its products differently. 

At Holistic Hound, our full-spectrum hemp oil comes in a variety of strengths, and we’re sure to always include the suggested dosage on the label. The most important thing is to start slowly, and at a low dosage, any time you introduce a new product into your cat’s regimen. Watch how they respond, and go from there.


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