Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

If you’re a fan of skating in parks or tricks the chances are that you might be thinking about purchasing the Stunt scooters also referred to as “Stunts” as well as Freestyle Scooters.

Stunts are the best option when you’re into biking tricks and would like to use the skating facilities at your local park. You can learn stunts on scooters or other tricks via

Do not fret if you’re not certain what to be looking to look for when you purchase one of these. We can help with our guide to buying a stunt.

What is the difference between the Stunt Scooter and the Regular Scooter?

Before we get into the buying guide for stunts It is essential to be aware of the differences between Stunt Scooters as well as regular Scooters.

A Freestyle Scooter remains a scooter, but it’s not a bike. The standard Scooter was designed to get you from one place to another. But the stunt was designed to have fun, thanks to its design built to allow freestyle tricks.

They are equipped with handlebars that can be adjusted, which allow them to be adjusted for height.

They have springy decks which allow the rider to be comfortable on pavements and other pathways.

Freestyle Scooters are also equipped with wheels in various sizes. You should prefer larger wheels for faster speed.

Stunts, on the other hand, provide the following benefits:

They have fixed handlebars that provide security while performing tricks.

The deck usually is slightly heavier to be able to take the extra pressure.

Stunts are typically equipped with smaller wheels that are designed for speedy bursts.

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