Skills Need To Play Soccer in 5 a Side Football Field Size

Controlling the soccer ball with your feet is the fundamental skill that is required to play soccer. To use only their feet, their body, or their heads for passing the ball and the soccer goals is where soccer rules restrict the players while playing in a 5 a side football field size.


To defend a scoring attempt, only the goalie is allowed to use their hands or blocks or to catch the ball. To throw the ball into play, the goalie is allowed to use their hands.


The basic kicks are probably the most fundamental of the skill sets that require to be developed to play soccer. It is typically executed with a stronger side kick striking with the instep of the foot when it comes to passing the ball a long distance from one side of the field to the other accurately.


Yet another fundamental skill set that is to be developed is dribbling. The ability to control the ball with your feet in smaller increments that are similar to controlling the basketball is done with dribbling.

You will be able to defend against a defender by keeping the ball away from them by positioning your body between the defender and the ball with the help of dribbling.

To make the defenders think that you are going to pass the ball one way while in reality, you are going to pass the ball or run in another direction is through the dribbling skills that are used to fake out or to fool the defender using misdirection.

Learning and Mastering Ball Control

The most important set to master here is learning and mastering ball control. To maintain control of the ball while under the pressure of a defender while running downfield at full speed and having the ability to make accurate passes at speed is where the best players have the right kind of skills.

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