Selecting the Right Dimensions for a Soccer Field Construction Company

The soccer field layout was rather irregular in its dimensions, and this created several issues for the players back in the day when soccer was in its infancy. While one player would play in a field that is 140 yards, the other player would play in a field that is 60 yards in length. When either team played on the competitor’s field, they were at a loss, obviously. The soccer field dimensions were regulated in a better way by the soccer field construction company that can build the right dimensions of the field yards.


As not all pitches can be made on the same exact perimeter, today’s dimensions of soccer fields still offer some room for variation. It is rarely the case with the modern soccer fields that they hit these extremes with the width of the fields ranging from 50 to 100 yards officially. You cannot have that pitch that would be 100 yards wide and 100 yards in length as it can easily range from 100 yards to 130.


It would have a symmetrical distance that is working towards each of the widths, and there is also a center circle at the middle of this line that is always 10 yards in diameter as the field is split in half by a centerline. The opposing players are kept at a safe distance while the team is in possession and kicks off as ensured by this circle here.


The goal must be placed exactly on the middle of the pitch’s width as it should be 24 feet wide and 8 feet high. The keeper is said to be protected with any contact with the goalkeeper in this area, producing a foul for the defending team as it is known to be the protection box or the goalkeeper box that is 6 yards in its width.

Penalty box

In width and length, the bigger box is also known as the penalty box as every foul from the defending team will be producing a penalty kick with just the attacker and the goalkeeper facing off, usually taken from 12 yards from the goal. You might not want to be so aggressive around the penalty box as it is usually a sure goal.

Let us also look at a few of the other soccer field dimensions that are not usually of any importance but can regulate this game a bit more further as the corner circle is set around the corner flag, and in diameter, it is 1 yard. He can place the bally anywhere inside this circle so he can more comfortably hit the ball and give it a swirl, basically. It is also quite difficult to keep the ball inside the soccer field dimensions if you are striking the corner from the right with your left leg otherwise.

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