Leak Detection – Utility Surveying Guidance

What is Underground Surveying? The process of identification, locating and labeling buried pipes, cables and communications beneath the ground is widely known as line locating.

Land survey services are able to detect any underground utility so you can fulfill your project requirements and provide an accurate record of the entire site structure for safe planning and site excavation.

If required you can also hire general engineering utilities contractor in Los Angeles from L.M. Olson, Inc..

Benefits of utility surveying

There is much welfare which comes from the engineering drawings of construction plans such as:

  • Increase the safety of the workplace
  • Decrease risk of utility damage
  • Minimize costs and project delays
  • Minimize site and utility damages
  • Smart planning and avoiding unnecessary digging
  • Location of clear boundary lines.

What one should look for in utility locating contractors? Most important underground surveyors must be competent and qualified to operate and to carry out the entire risk out of the task required.

Essential qualifications and training are certainly required for the position such as Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 4001, WHS ISO 4801, Telstra Optic Fiber Accredited Locators etc. High levels of accreditations are one aspect in order to achieve quality standards.

Employees must take further educations and qualifications of utility drawings, moral and contractual awareness, relevant experience for planning and organization of private and public utilities.

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