Know About Self Publishing Success

Nowadays, more and more authors are turning to self-publishing their books rather than relying on a traditional publishing house.

Apart from the higher royalties and greater publishing speed, you can also get more control over your published book. You can get the services of book self-publishing through selfpublishingmadeeasynow.

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Check out these self-publishing success tips to see whether this will suit you for your next book.

1. Make your book great

I know that this should go without saying but some would-be authors think that because they have self-published their book, they don't need to take as much care over it as they would if they were to let it work its way through the hierarchy of a publishing house.

If anything, because you may not have as many people proofreading your book before it hits the market, you need to be doubly careful that it is as good as it could possibly be.

So, without procrastinating too long, take the time to proofread your book, ask friends for honest reviews and polish it as much as possible before you release it.

2. Use your own imprint

When you publish on places like the Amazon Kindle marketplace, you have space to put in publishers' details.

Just because you're not using a big name house doesn't mean that you can't put some details in here!

Spend a while deciding on the name of the publisher that you will use for your new book – you can make it sound as though it's an established publisher and no one outside the book trade will be any the wiser.

Be inventive about promotion and follow the big names to see what they do to promote their books and then mimic as many of the ideas as possible.

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