Important Tips for Roof Maintenance

If the roof is not properly maintained, it can drastically reduce the life of the roofing material. Spending a little money each year to inspect your roof and fix minor problems can save you money and time on something more serious. In fact, in most cases, the damage that occurs due to improper roof maintenance voids the roof's warranty.

Check your roof regularly

Most companies will provide you with free roof inspections which is important year-round, but it is especially important to inspect the roof before and after the season that causes the most damage. You should also check your roof after a storm or strong winds.

Look for leaves and debris on roofs and in gutters, and check for frost damage. Also, check for loose or damaged shingles.

Keep your roof clean

It's hard to tell if there's any damage if you can't see your roof. Keeping your roof and gutters clean will help you inspect your roof successfully. It also prevents the accumulation of organic matter on the roof and the accumulation of water that can weaken the roofing material.

Check your palate

Your roof may not look damaged, but that doesn't mean it isn't. Check your roof for soft spots and signs of animals or insects. Check the unfinished ceiling for scratches or stains that could indicate water damage.

Check ventilation

Proper ventilation ensures that your roof is not damaged by the cycles of freezing and thawing that accompany the changing seasons. It also keeps the attic from getting too hot in the summer, which can cause the terraced roof and tiles to get loosen.

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