How to Quickly Replace iPhone Screen

I was at work that day and didn't know my day was going to get any worse in the early afternoon. It happened on my way back from lunch. I was walking up the stairs to my office when I was taking my iPhone out of my pocket and the phone slipped out of my hand. She slipped out of my hand and then fell down the stairs. It should have reached about 10 or 11 degrees before it finally stopped at the bottom of the stairs. It hit the stairs so many times that I knew my iPhone screen had to be broken if the phone was working.

So I did what we would all do, very slowly going down the stairs to my iPhone terrified that it would break and the screen would crack. As if walking slowly would help in any way. But he was doing it anyway. If you want to hire an iphone service in Sydney, then you can check out the web.

Then I finally got to my iPhone and saw that my worst fears at the time had come true. My iPhone screen was completely cracked. I don't mean just a crack or two. The screen is completely cracked. It looked really bad and actually seemed like a dangerous thing to hold in my ear because I thought there was a chance it would cut into my ear and maybe even one side of my face. That's how bad the crack is.

I knew right away that I needed to fix this and get it done quickly. So I called a local iPhone repair service and they said it would take a couple of days before they could come to my office and fix my iPhone for me. They said I could stop at their iPhone repair shop and drop my iPhone off, but the shop was an hour away and they still couldn't reach it for a day or two.

That's when a co-worker told me about the DIY iPhone screen replacement kit he always keeps on his desk for this exact situation. He told me about a situation he found himself in last year where he broke his iPhone screen and couldn't find a company that could replace his iPhone screen in time. That's when he started looking for other options, he had to fix his iPhone screen.

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