How to Find the Right Commercial Roof Hatch

Choosing the right roof hatch for your property can be a very difficult task and time-consuming. We are here to help you make all the important decisions about what type of roof hatch will meet your specific needs.

So, how to choose the right commercial roof hatch? You must first decide what is the main goals of the roof hatch frames. Important factors that must be considered before choosing a roof hatch are:

When it comes to choosing the size for your roof hatch, first look at the construction of your roof and what space is available for the hatch. Next, you would need to consider what the hatch will be used for as this can greatly impact the size.

For example, the hatch may be used to take small or large objects onto the roof, or maybe just for one-off access in the case of an emergency. Or perhaps you are going to create a Roof Garden and want a more decorative hatch, for example, glazed or sliding.

This is a very important factor to consider when choosing your Roof hatch. If the Hatch is only going to be used for Personnel use, then a small single cover hatch with a fixed ladder, ship or service stair would be suitable. Although, if large tools are going to be transported through the hatch regularly, then you will need to consider a larger size.