How To Charter A Yacht In Tulum: A Beginners Guide

A yacht charter can offer a unique way to approach any water-centered vacation. A yacht rental is a unique experience that combines the luxury and excitement of a 5-star resort with the thrill of a boat ride to create an unforgettable experience.

Chartering a yacht is essentially a floating hotel that takes you wherever you want. You can also look for the best rebate yacht charter in Tulum online.

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Points to consider when chartering a yacht:

1. Budget

Prices vary depending on where you are going, the size of the yacht, and the duration of your trip. Note that taxes or value-added tax (VAT) may apply based on where you are coming from and where you are going, so keep this in mind as well. VAT and other taxes are generally not included in the base price of a rental.

2. Inclusive or expense-based charters

Most sailing yacht rentals fall into two distinct categories: inclusive or expense-based. Much like inclusive resort stays, inclusive yachts provide everything you will need to enjoy a trip, including all crew members, food and drink, any planned excursions, and all amenities. 

Inclusive charters provide an up-front rate that can allow for easy budget planning. However, expense-based charters can be more affordable for travelers willing to do extra leg work.

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