How Pharma Drugs Can Harm Pets

When a medic reaches out for that pack of generic heparin from her pharmacy shelf, does she know who produced the drug and how was it manufactured? If she doesn't know this, then she wouldn't know whether it's contaminated or not, and using it could be harmful.

The FDA recently found a number of tainted batches of the drug heparin. And since adulterated pharmaceutical drugs are everywhere, it's quite a possibility that many drugs sold as veterinary pet products are tainted too. Get in touch with the most trusted Pharmacists by Call us now!.

Whatever be the intention of the drug suppliers and manufacturers of these bogus drugs, most often it's the greed to make big money, the moot point is to ensure a safe pet supply of these medicines.

Not too far back, a couple of months, a news network busted a drug manufacturer in China trying to make counterfeits of some popular drugs by mixing arsenic, road paint, and what not, severely tainting them, which would have had serious repercussions for consumers.

Also, in 2007, and as the Wall Street Journal reported, In fiscal 2007, the FDA ran 31 domestic counterfeit-drug investigations, which could include products with ingredients manufactured overseas. Similarly, in 2006 there was 54 investigation and in 2005 the number was 32.

Hence, it goes without saying that if fake drug products have found their way into human bodies, can the pets' bodies be insulated. Most of the supply of tainted products lands up in the US from overseas, and many pet supplies for drugs are procured wholesale, just as pet accessories are.

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