How Does Permanent Laser Tattoo Work?

The Q-switched laser works by targeting the dark pigment of the tattoo ink on the skin. The intense pulse of light penetrates harmlessly through the top layer of the skin, where it is then selectively absorbed by the darker pigment or ink. 

This concentrated pulse of energy breaks the tattoo into tiny particles that are naturally removed by the body's cells or the immune system. In principle, this procedure of cosmetic tiny tattoos in Calgary at can be performed with little or no damage to the surrounding tissue.

Lighter colors selectively absorb laser light and are therefore more difficult to remove. However, there are special lasers designed for lighter inks. So make sure the equipment you choose has a laser that can effectively target the specific color of your tattoo ink.

You can manage to endure the discomfort of getting a tattoo at all, you can definitely tolerate the discomfort during the removal process. Symptoms may vary depending on the sensitivity of the area being treated. 

Anesthetic or analgesic creams may be applied before treatment to make the procedure more comfortable. Some patients choose to have an anesthetic injection at the treatment site before the procedure. 

Before treatment, ask your doctor what your options are so you can make the right decision. Post-treatment is usually done by applying an antibacterial ointment and bandaging the area. It is very important to keep the treated area clean and covered with plenty of antibacterial ointment to fight infection and reduce congestion.

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