How a Drug Attorney Can Help When in Trouble?

If you are accused of a controlled substance possession crime, you will need a drug defense attorney to help you fight the charges. Law enforcement depends on you taking the burden of proving your guilt beyond doubt. 

However, this does not mean that even if you are completely innocent, you need to sit back and relax. You need a good Naples criminal defense attorney who is working overtime to support your case. 

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help You Fight Drug Charges? - The Law Offices of Jeffrey Bettan

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Here are some strategies they can use:-

Suppression of Evidence:- One of the best ways to win a lawsuit – and perhaps even prevent the case from going to court – is to file a motion to suppress the evidence. This is proof that the state must prove its case. This is a popular strategy, although it rarely works. However, if they are, most of them can work.

Arrest warrant waiver:- If the police have a search warrant when they receive evidence against you, it will be difficult to dispute the collection of the evidence. However, a good drug attorney will consider this order and the circumstances in which it is issued. If the order can be canceled, any evidence collected at that time must be disposed of.

Ignorance:- Just claiming that you don't know that illegal drugs are not enough to argue successfully. But if you can prove that you don't know you have drugs, you may have a way out. This is a common defense, but usually unsuccessful. If your drug attorney can provide evidence, it can convince the jury.

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