Helpful Tips for RV Storage

This article will help you keep your RV safe and secure. This article will discuss RV storage and tips for preventing it from being damaged. You can get the best RV storage services via

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Here are some tips to help you succeed in this job. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Take a look at the seals

Before you store your RV, wash and wax it. The wax serves two purposes: to protect the unit against dirt and UV rays. You can also apply wax to make it easier to store things after cleaning. We recommend that you pay attention to the roof while washing.

2. Ventilation

It can be difficult to protect your RV from moisture. The moisture may cause musty smells and mold growth when you get your RV back from the storage.  

Ventilating the roof is the best way to keep your RV interior dry. To keep moisture out, you can cover your roof vents with vent covers.

3. Blinds and curtains

You can also use the evening curtains to avoid contamination from growing. You might choose semi-transparent daytime shades. It is a smart idea to close your curtains. Make sure to only buy high-quality blinds and curtains.

4. Rodents and bugs

You can keep rodents and bugs away by blocking or screening the exterior openings. Keeping them away from nesting materials or food sources is the best way to keep them away.

If you are looking for RV storage tips, you should read the following tips. You will hopefully be able to get the most from your RV storage.


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