Google Shakes Up The Internet Access Business

Google is a uninominal, verb, and the manufacturer of one of the most well-known operating systems for smartphones. It could soon be your Internet service provider too.

Google has recently revealed the introduction of its brand new fiber Internet service called Google Fiber. From the middle of 2013, Google expects to begin offering Internet service up to 100 times faster than the current speed averages to the residents in both cities. If you want to get more information about google fiber thread internet, you can browse the web.

Google plans to create the required fiber infrastructure in communities in which at least 5 percent up to 25% of households have signed for the service. Residents must wait until Sept. 9 to sign up and keep track of the number of neighbors who have registered on the internet. 

Google is a content producer in two ways, indirectly via its search engine and directly through its control of YouTube as well as additional sources for entertainment and data such as Zagat and, in the near future, the Frommer's Travel Guides. As a content service provider, It is one of the most prominent corporate supporters of neutrality in networks.

Google Fiber's launch has shown that Google is ready and able to compete against established providers. 

In the wake of the deal with Motorola Mobility last year, Google has already established itself in the market for mobile phones. The most important thing is that it occurs to be a company that has an extensive infrastructure and spectrum available to auction.

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