First Aid Courses Online – Is It Real?

The internet has revolutionized the way that we search for partners, learn, and even find entertainment. The number of websites offering online first aid courses has more than doubled in the last three years. Many of these websites claim to have issued hundreds of certificates to those who have taken the online course.

What are these scams?

First aid is a practical skill and requires instruction from an instructor who is certified in every country. In some cases, they may also need a license. After a few hours of practice instruction, an instructor can quiz the student and issue a certificate to allow them to attend a first aid course. This cannot be done online.  To get more details about the first aid courses online you may browse this site.

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Online courses in first aid require people to register, pay a small fee and then watch videos that teach various types of CPR. The certificate will be awarded to those who score around 80%. This certificate will not be useful if you are looking to hang something on your walls.

Where can I find a good course in first aid?

Only good courses in first aid can be taken physically. This means that you must visit a licensed institute or take classes from an instructor. There are also many scams, including instructors who claim to not be certified. 

You should verify the instructor's certification, and if possible run your registration number through a list of people who are licensed to teach first aid.

After their instructor's certification is confirmed, you can search the internet for reviews and references. You should be able find information online about the instructor if they have taught in the past. 

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