Find Superior Protection With Custom Cut Foam Inserts

For delicate items, a custom case is an excellent option. You can make your own custom case to fit more items and offer greater security. The best custom foam pieces can be made to fit specific items such as guitars or small pieces of magnifying glasses.

There are two types of foam inserts: solid layered foam or cubed layered. Foam inserts offer protection against damage to many items. You can select the thickness of foam that is embedded in your item to protect it. 

When a material is cut using a die to create a particular shape or framework, it is called die-cutting. This creative method is similar to cookie-cutting. This method uses a framed edge to cut shapes from plastic sheets.

Evolution Gear SOFT CASES

This is followed by a one-layer sheeting. After the cutting is complete, the weight of the piece can be assigned to either a weight-driven or mechanical press. Sometimes die-cutting can also be called blanking or dinking.

You can use the machines to quickly and efficiently cut large quantities of items with steel rule dies. When using scissors, you will need patience and to take your time.

Die-cutting makes it much easier and faster to cut letters and shapes into specific shapes. You can use heat, therapist rubbers, and paper wood.

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