Everything You Need to Know About Earlobe Repair in Cheshire

Once you poke your ears, your earlobes can be stretched, torn, and keloid-scarred. Tears found near your ears can split easily from trauma, and become very visible. Split earlobes may occur if one pulls earrings out of the piercing hole. Split earlobes can also occur if the clip-on earrings are too tight. This can restrict blood flow to your earlobes. This restriction can lead to a split earlobe, which may cause necrosis in one earlobe. For more information on earlobe repair surgery, you can navigate to this website.

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Your ears may also have piercings that are widened. This condition can be caused by wearing heavy earrings that gradually enlarge the holes, or pulling studs that do not fit through the hole. Patients with narrow earlobes may experience enlarged piercing holes.

You can reverse any of these conditions with earlobe surgery. Let's look at what to expect and how it works.


In Cheshire, earlobe Repair is a procedure that doctors perform to repair a stretched or torn earlobe. This is necessary for split earlobes or enlarged piercing holes. After a complete recovery, you can wear earrings again because it repairs splits.

In Cheshire, these procedures can be performed on patients by dermatologists, EENT specialists, or plastic surgeons.


The average recovery time from earlobe surgery takes six to eight weeks. After surgery, patients will feel a very minimal amount of swelling and pain. During this time, the final results will begin to be noticeable. Patients can resume their daily activities after a full recovery due to the improvement in their condition and minimal recovery time.

Patients should not wear earrings for at least two to three months in order to promote wound healing. To prevent the problem from recurring, patients should first wear small earrings.

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