Different Ways To Keep Your Bread Mixes Fresh

Bread has one the longest shelf lives of all staple foods. The battle against staling is becoming more relevant as many people return to baking at home or using other preservative-free bread mixes.

White bread mixes containing preservatives can keep their freshness for up to a week. However, the trend is moving towards preservative-free options. You can also browse online resources to find more information about bread mixes.

Bread Mixes

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Bread mixes will keep its freshness for a few days unless it has been preservative-loaded. Although there are many ways to preserve bread mixes, most only allow for a few extra days if necessary. Let's first examine the options for extending bread mixes' shelf life.

A box or bin is the best option. Old-fashioned wood works better than metal or plastic, but they trap moisture in the air and ensure that it condenses inside the box. Another popular method is freezing or cooling. Although cooling may slow down the molding process, it will not speed up if moisture is trapped in the plastic bag

Bread mixes that are kept at high temperatures will quickly mold if it is not properly stored. You can reverse the starch crystallization reaction by heating bread mixes gently. You can also search online for more information about bread mixes.

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