Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Los Angeles

The standard form of DBT consists of individual therapy, skills training groups, telephone development, and therapist consulting teams. Those who are in DBT standards attend therapy and skills training groups every week. These groups are designed to help those who undergo treatment to develop behavioral skills through group work and homework.

These tasks allow people to practice learning skills in everyday life. Phone coaching is also an important part of dialectical behavior therapy services. It helps people in treatment reach out to their therapist for support when a challenging situation comes up between sessions.

The problem faced by many people participating in DBT can be complex and severe. Because of this, the consultation team is considered important for DBT providers. The team consists of group leaders and individual therapists. It can offer support, motivation, and therapy to therapists working with difficult problems.

DBT was developed by Marsha Linhan in the 1970s. He developed DBT through his work with two mental health populations: people with chronic thoughts of suicide and people diagnosed with borderline personality disorders. Linehan was intrigued by the building reputation of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). She decided to utilize standard CBT in her practice. Linehan and her colleagues experienced difficulties after conducting research relative to the effectiveness of CBT in her chosen population.