Dead Sea Salt or Lavender Dead Sea Salt – Which is Better?

Wondering how to create bath salts? An easy, inexpensive way to add an indulgent sense of relaxation to your baths is to add Dead Sea salt. This unique homemade bath salt recipe helps soothe sore muscles, rejuvenate your skin and soothe you into a relaxing bath time with 4 different blends to suit your individual needs. When you are preparing to begin the process of creating these wonderful new bath salt creations, you must first gather your equipment. This includes measuring cups/spoons, double boiler, large bowl, food coloring, fragrance, colorant, grater, and the appropriate Dead Sea salt to use in the bath.

The Dead Sea salt is a naturally occurring salt deposit located along the Mediterranean and it is used for curing many ailments. For the bath salt recipe to come to fruition, you must first prepare the basic ingredients. These include two tablespoons each of coarse sea salt and fine sea salt. You can choose to add optional ingredients as well. These options include lavender or flower water, Rosemary, cloves, peppermint, nutmeg, orange peel, and ginger. Once you have gathered your bath ingredients, the next step is to carefully measure out your wet mixture.

To prepare the bath, combine the coarse and fine sea salt in a large double boiler and allow it to sit overnight. In the morning, double boil the mixture again to soften it and then add the water drops or essential oil drops. Allow the mixture to sit for approximately thirty minutes, and then remove it from the heat and gently mix it into the rest of your essential oil aromatherapy bath products.

After the bath salt has completely cooled down, you will want to separate the water drops or essential oils and the grey bath salt. This is done by straining a small amount of the essential oil into a medium-sized bowl and then placing the bowl in a zip lock bag. Ziplock bags allow for essential oils to be completely dispersed without having them evaporate into the air. When this process is complete, pour the liquid into your jars or storage containers. Jars are better as they keep the essential oils from evaporating into the air.

Using these types of bath salt dispensers, you are able to use essential oils of varying strength to compliment the scents that you wish to enjoy. The essential oils can be used on a recipe card, placed on a shelf, or simply placed on the table. One great thing about table salt is that you can even add the essential oils of your choice onto your baked goods such as cookies and cakes.

The bath salt is produced with organic materials. This is one of the main differences between organic and inorganic salts. Organic materials can include things like seashells, seagrasses, sea oats, coconut shells, natural stone chips, and such. Natural bath salts are often considered to be much more effective than inorganic products because they have a much higher concentration of the actual herb/ seasoning being used. In some cases, the salt may only be partially seasoned with the herbs or other natural materials and the inorganic bath salt will retain more of the quality of the herb/ seasoning.

The key difference between these two products is based upon the source of their ingredients. Organic bath salt contains a variety of different herbs including lavender, anise, eucalyptus, marjoram, basil, sage, chamomile, and many others. Organic salts also contain various other minerals which include sodium chloride, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, iron phosphate, and tin. Table salt on the other hand contains only sodium chloride and is typically made with sodium hydroxide. It does not contain any other additives and is simply made from old school rock salt.

So which is better? The short answer is that lavender Dead Sea salt is best for those who are sensitive to chemical additives in commercially produced products and would prefer something that is "all-natural". If you are going to use an Epsom salt bath product, do not use the synthetic version because they are not as all-natural. If you enjoy the flavor of lavender, then there is no need to purchase the Epsom salt because it is very inexpensive and available almost everywhere. But if you want to use Epsom salt without having to worry about any negative effects, then purchase the Dead Sea salt.

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