Corsets – Achieving the Perfect Figure

How corsets enhance body shape

Corsets can be used to flatten the stomach and draw in the waist. Corsets also support the back. The corset is hourglass-shaped and should be properly fitted to reduce pressure on the lower back. This helps avoid discomfort. 

The figure-shaping girdle improves posture by supporting the spine and modifying the figure, carriage, and movement of the wearer. For extreme figure correction, corsets must be used in conjunction with tight lacing and waist training.

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Corset tops that combine skirts and corset dresses give you a perfectly shaped body. Corset dresses are a favorite choice for brides and those who wish to conceal their flaws on special occasions. A corset is best if you're wearing it under your clothes.

How to buy a corset

The right size is important when buying a corset. Most corsets come in sizes that fit the waist, ranging from 18 to 40 inches. A corset 4 inches below the natural waist measurement will be sufficient. If the circumference of the relaxed waist measures 30 inches, then a corset of 26 inches is recommended.

Also, measurements should be taken accurately. Measure from the fullest point of your bust to the narrowest part and the top of your hip bones. For accuracy, don't pull too tight on the measuring tape. Always measure more than one time.

How to wear a corset comfortably

A corset that is well made fits comfortably at the hips and ribs. It compresses only the waist and allows you to breathe easily. For maximum comfort, don't tie the corset too tight the first few times you wear it. 

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