Cloud Based Time Clocks For Workforce Management In Australia

Basically, it is a time device that records the time that employees arrive at work and then leave it again at the end of the day.

It is easy to see how this device became popular with employers with a staff large in number and who could not always be on hand to check on the staff themselves. You can easily buy cloud time attendance systems at low upfront costs at Time & Attendance Solutions.

The basic mechanical time clock machine worked with printed time cards that had little checkboxes indicating time in and time out. 

Each employee was given a card and fed it into the machine when arriving at work and leaving again. When the card was inserted, with the relevant check box lined up, a lever on the clock was pulled and an inked ribbon caused the time stamp to be printed in the box.

Some models used a dial wheel instead of cards, and each employee dialled his own name/number and the time was recorded. 

This obviously lent itself to misuse by other employees, and the ‘key’ clock was invented. Each employee was provided with his own key so only he could record his coming and going.

The same technology that is used for admission to secure areas by biometric recognition, is also used for modern time clocks. 

This technology scans people and identifies them by various parts of their body or their voices. When this scan of a known person activates the machine, the name of the person is selected and the date and time are recorded.

These biometric time clocks include the technology for any one of many types of recognition systems, including voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, vascular pattern (veins of the hand) recognition, and retinal scan recognition.

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