Boom in the Gin Market Development

Gin is one of the hottest segments in the spirit world. This category is expanding in almost every major market in the world. Germany was also involved in this success. Gin is a phenomenon: the German alcoholic beverage market has generally been stagnant, but juniper, which is made from juniper berries, has been gaining market share over the years.

According to IWSR, an international market research institute, gin sales nearly doubled between 2012 and 2017. The sales curve provided by Information Resources also shows a sharp increase with 17.73 million bottles of gin sold (including the Dutch or Belgian Genever variant). This is an increase of about 48 percent compared to 2017. To get more insights, one can hop over to

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Growth does not seem to be over, and in fact forecasts are rising – both on the German market and in almost all countries of the world where gin is consumed significantly. The IWSR expects an additional spike of about 22 percent by 2023 in the United States, which is currently the world’s largest gin market with a volume of 64.7 million liters.

The UK market is growing very strongly, which experts say could even grow up to 80 percent in the same period. The UK is currently in second place internationally with 50.4 million liters. The IWSR has a volume of 8.3 million liters in Germany, but here too it is targeting enormous potential with 88 percent growth over the next five years.