Black Truffle Sea Salt

Sea salt is a popular alternative to table salt in many recipes. It is also used to add a hint of flavor and texture when used sparingly or in larger quantities. Black truffle salt, harvested from the roots of the Eriodocus rural tree, is harvested from the Mediterranean and is the most expensive type of black salt available. Its molecular structure is similar to that of sea salt and because it is black in color this gives it the name.

Sea salt is derived from the mollusks of the sea. These species include red, black, and pinkish varieties. Natural sea salt is usually infused with various flavors by nature such as garlic, lemon, and various spices. A great finishing salty for seafood, red meat, and fish dishes.

This salt sea salt is best when incorporated into foods cooked on a stovetop or at a low temperature. You will need approximately two tablespoons each of dried black chives, sea salt, and white sage leaves. In a saucepan, these herbs should be chopped finely. Place the chives and sage leaf on a plate and bring to a gentle simmer. Once they are slightly tender but not crisp, remove them from the heat and place them in a container.

For this recipe, black truffle is combined with olive oil, lemon juice, and reduced-fat milk. Place the mushrooms at the bottom of a saucepan and then pour in the olive oil, lemon juice, and milk mixture. Leave the mushrooms alone for about one hour. While the mushrooms are soaking, heat up a small frying pan and heat up your garlic oil. Use a spatula to turn the mushrooms periodically to keep them from burning.

After one hour, remove the mushrooms and place them on a plate. Add the black truffle salt to the mixture and gently mix it in. Turn the heat off and allow the mixture to sit for about twenty minutes to blend. The next day, preheat your oven and use a baking sheet with aluminum foil lining it up. Place the mushrooms on the baking sheet and pop into the oven at approximately 100 degrees.

Once the mushrooms are done in the oven, use a spatula to turn them over and give them another round of applause. Then, using your finger, gently shake the mixture until all the chunks have been absorbed by the bread. Once done, remove them from the oven and let them sit for about five minutes. Once the mushrooms are cool, sprinkle them liberally with the remaining olive oil and lemon juice. Gently fold in the bread crumbs into a triangle and serve on top of baked potatoes or hot dogs.

To enhance the flavor of this salty treat, you can add some black truffle sea salt to the mix as well. This will give the already rich flavor a boost. If you are not too big on carrying ingredients around in your purse, you can always buy this salt in bulk. This is also a great idea because you will know that each ingredient is fresh. With bulk purchases, you'll also be able to cut down on the sodium content.

If you make this recipe a couple times, you will have a batch of delicious mushrooms that can be sent home with you. As for the black truffle salt, you can either buy this salt in bulk or you can make your own mix. You will need two cups of low-sodium vegetable broth, four tablespoons of dried sage leaves, two tablespoons of dried thyme, and 2.5 cups of water. Bring all these ingredients to a boil then let simmer for approximately twenty minutes. At the end of the simmering process, simply add the vegetable broth mixture and cover for one more minute.

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