Beautify Your Room With Replacement Closet Doors

You will save money on your home renovations by installing new doors for your closet. They come in many styles and styles that can be found that are a perfect match for your decor or space.

There is a variety of sliding, mirrored glass louvered, bifold, or accordion. These styles will fit any contemporary home. When you're choosing a new door, be aware that the materials you choose to use and styles will significantly impact the cost. Continue reading to know more about the door replacement series.

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Series 240 Folding Doors with Accordion:

The Woodfold folds up in accordion and can create immediate doors and walls whenever necessary. It has an exclusive top and bottom stainless steel hinge that provides durability, robustness, and long-lasting performance. It is possible to have a custom-built Woodfold door to satisfy your requirements and needs.

Series 2700 Heavy-Duty Steel Bifold Door with Mirror Laminate:

This model is specifically designed for long-term use and heavy-duty term performance. It comes with laminated mirror steel panels of 24 gauge, its Slimfold hardware system, the hat self-aligning guide rods that are spring-loaded, the safety-backed mirror that measures 3.0mm with a prefinished track with polished chrome options, polished chrome handle, mylar mirror edging, and the top and bottom tracks in polished brass. It improves the performance of the door with effortless, quiet, and smooth operation. 

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