All About Emcyte PRP in NJ

EmCyte is recognized as a global leader in the production of FDA-approved platelet-rich plasma treatment kits. These kits offer orthopedic patients a regenerative autologous healing option to traditional treatment methods, including surgery. Founded in 2008, Emcyte PRP in NJ has weathered competition from global medical device manufacturers by remaining private, nimble, and focused on patient care. These kits are delivered by hundreds of distributors worldwide. 

EmCyte’s products provide point-of-care treatment. Blood or marrow is extracted from the patient, concentrated into its purest form in a centrifuge, and the resulting platelet-rich plasma is injected into the injured tissue, prompting regenerative healing. The entire process is an outpatient procedure that takes no longer than four hours.


It’s usually just one injection, there is no downtime and then the healing happens. It may be a little painful at first, but that goes away quickly and over time it just gets better. Physicians who administer PRP treatment are not reimbursed by insurance, so the cost is entirely paid by the patient. Those costs average $1,500 to $3,000 for the one-time treatment but are typically less expensive than deductibles for surgery.

There is also no downtime or follow-up physical therapy required. The patient could be looking at arthroscopic surgery or knee replacement and they will choose regenerative medicine first because even if a knee replacement is covered by insurance, you still have a deductible, and most people have high deductibles.

The cost of the EmCyte PRP kits averages $225 to $275 each. A one-time cost for a tabletop centrifuge is $3,800. EmCyte manufacturers thousands of disposable kits per day, which the company markets to clinics through medical supply distributors across the United States and Europe, South America, and Canada

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