Alcohol Testing Services – Avoid Hiring Drug Abusers

Small agencies are at a greater risk of recruiting and then suffering from the consequences of drugsters and alcohol abusers rather than well-built businesses. Because small-scale companies tend to be more casual in their employee recruitment tasks. The greater the company, the more likely they will have alcohol testing services in its place.

Job aspirants who can’t pass a drug or alcohol test will likely not bother using to a company that does obligatory pre-service drug testing and will instead seek a job with a company that does not do drug testing. If employees are any kind alcohol abuser then it affects the company’s work culture.¬† Therefore, it is vital for your business to conduct a pre employment drug and alcohol testing. You can search for the best drug and alcohol testing via

See how many losses can occur when a person addicts of alcohol:

– Attendance and delay

For some people, drugs and alcohol are part of the lifestyle where work accountability is a low priority; when this is the case, getting to attend office on time or at all just doesn’t matter.

– Productivity

People who are under the effects of alcohol (or sickness) tend to work more slowly and less effective than those who don’t.

– Medical claims

 Alcohol and drug abusers are more likely to undergo from related and other health problems.

Establishing a drug abuse prevention program that includes pre-employment Alcohol Testing Services can reduce both the liability and losses. It can also work as a promotion tool because you can endorse the truth that your customers can belief your items and services, because your company is a drug-free place of work.